(Raspberry Brandy)

40% alc.

World-renowned raspberries from Bajina Bašta turned into brandy of exceptional quality. Carefully selected first-class raspberries are used to make this rakia in a special seedseparation procedure. This rakia, which strikingly testifies about its geographical origin, is made after double distillation and selection of the best distillates. It is famous for its enchantingly complex aromas reminiscent of the fragrance of raspberries and orchards from Bajina Bašta, in June, at the peak of the harvest. Its taste is multilayered, refreshing and strikingly long-lasting.

Limited edition: 2.000 bottles.

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BB Collection

BB distillery produces twenty different exquisite types of „klekovacha“, fruit rakia, and rakia with remedial herbs. For all of the rakia a strict selection of the best fruits from the regions of Western Serbia is performed.

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