Zlatna Jabuka

(Apple Brandy)

42% alc.

Carefully selected fruits of the best local apple varieties are turned into rakia of unique and exceptional quality. It is produced through double distillation and careful selection of distillates which have been left to age for at least two years in top-quality Serbian oak barrels. “Zlatna jabuka” (pronounced [zlatna yabooka]; meaning “golden apple”) enchants with its full-bodiness and fruity freshness. It has a very rich, lush taste, which gently caress the palate in layers. It leaves a harmonious, profound and long-lasting, fruity aftertaste with sophisticated sweetness and oak tones. This is an exceptional aperitif, but also a digestif. Perfect companion to premium mature cheese.

Limited edition: 2.000 bottles.

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BB Collection

BB distillery produces twenty different exquisite types of „klekovacha“, fruit rakia, and rakia with remedial herbs. For all of the rakia a strict selection of the best fruits from the regions of Western Serbia is performed.

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